Turboassembler Macro

There is another edition of TurboAssembler that is slightly bigger (starting at $8000 rather than $9000) which feature some new pseudo op-codes and macros. This version has not been a subject for improvements and modifications to the same extent as the non-marco one, so the command set might seem slightly limited.

The version I have taken apart to check all the features is the REU improved one by Count Zero and Massive Onslaught. I know they implemented things like the device selector, but Iíll leave it up to you to check it against other macro versions. AFAIK, this one derives from the version Antitrack once cracked. Current updater of this version is Elwis/Style (Steve Akers).

The ď<-ď precedes keys

shift+del Insert toggle
a ASCII insert
<- Prints <-
1 Exit to basic
Space Insert empty line
z Undo
Delete Delete line
c Cold start
e Enter file (SEQ file)
w Write file (SEQ file)
3 Pick up from memory
4 Print etceteras
5 Assemble to disk
m Set marks
g Go marks
f Find text
h Hunt next
k Key definitions
b Block commands
l Load file (PRG file)
s Save file (PRG file)
* Display directory
d Select device
@ Disk command
n Goto line #
q Go to start of line
7 Chrome? (Actually set tab!)
8 Set tab
Cursor Up Up 200 lines
Cursor Down Down 200 lines
r Search & Replace
t Replace
y Replace multiple
: List marks
; Kill marks
Return Move line
Arrow up Buffer line
Libra (ö in Swedish keyset) Insert buffed line up to cursor
= Join line
/ Delete the rest of the line
+ List Labs to disk
F1   Restore macros
i Find subroutine

For the list of PseudOpcodes, please refer to the special document describing this.