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lemon 64 This is your one stop site with anything about everything regarding the popular Commodore 64 computer.

Here you will find details for thousands of classic games, plus a lot of rare games not available anywhere else on the net. We let our users comment and rate the games!
IMR In Medias Res, including interviews with the most famous Amiga/C64 sceners
GameBase64 Gamebase64 might not be online when you see this for the fist time, but it'll be in a near future and it will then BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY!
C64 Game Guide A nice reference database for c64 games
WWired" A really nice news service for Commodore related materials.
A seemingly nice interface for transparent reading of C64 disks on a PC or Amiga, witout interfacing the 1541.
A C64 SCSi interface André Fachat has again and again proven himself and this is for sure one of the occasions! A SCSI interface for the c64!
Coders list A totally AWESOME list of game coders with all the cross reference you can dream of!
C64 Projects Some kewl projects for the C64!
Hardsid A SID interface for the PC. On of the more timeconsuming parts of emulation is now there so you can enjoy it as perfact as it is, and never again shall you suffer from bad emulation, preventing the SID music to sound like you remember it!
Commodore Computer Sitelist - A VERY extensive list of sites related to the C64.
C64 intros Zyron's KEWL collection of C64 related intros. Got just GOTTA see this one!
Another C64 related news site. Kewl stuff or sure!
C64 Sceners Database A really kewl DataBase over the C64 sceners that can be sliced and diced per individual or group as you please! Mighty!
C64 Preservation Project The main goal of this project is to archive pristine versions of original Commodore 64 software, including copy protection. A secondary goal and benefit of this will be to catalog and document all the different copy protection methods used. This information will be used to improve emulation, as well as allow remastering of the software onto new disks for you to enjoy on the real thing.