Setting up a 6502 IDE on the PC

I've been asked so many time about this so I'd like to describe my 6502 development environment on the PC.

UltraEdit The basis for any environment is a texteditor, and my choice is UltraEdit. The key reason is that I could easily write a small configuration that allowed syntax highlighting for the assembler I use. I shared this, and it's now available at the UltraEdit site.
6502 Tass Marek M from Poland wrote this very nice assembler that takes the source text you've written in your texteditor and assemble it into pure 6502 machinecode.

Normally when I want to emulate the c64 I use CCS64, but for developing my stuff I prefered to have the emulator windowed, and that's something CCS64 won't let you, but VICE does.


In the editor I have used the Configuration -> Tools Editor to set up the shortcuts I want to work it all from the texteditor. This is how it looks: