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CCS64 3.8 *

Per Håkan Sundell

An emulator from the author of PlaySID for the Amiga. Emulates all known VIC tricks, CPU and drive, cycle exact, which leaves the competitors crying behind! Get it today or be sorry! The beta now also handles most known cartridges, ROM set-ups (including ones which require a parallel cable) etceteras. The release version will have the full monitor in it and also full GCR file format (100320)

VICE 2.2 (DOS)

* VICE development team Versatile Commodore Emulator, i.e. a program that runs on a Unix or MS-DOS/Windows 95 machine and executes programs intended for the old 8-bit Commodore computers. The current version emulates the C64, the C128 (save the 80 columns screen), the VIC20 and all the PET models (except the SuperPET 9000, which is out of line anyway). (091219)
VICE 2.2 for Win32 * VICE development team See above for details
C64S 2.52 (demo) * Miha Peternel Commodore 64 Software Emulator (971121)
ComeBack64 0.9z   Johan Fitié and Brad Martin

Commodore 64 Software Emulator (000224)

ComeBack64 Win32 beta 4   Domenico Dato The Win32 port of the popular emulator ComeBack64. Still to be finished, but have a look at the page! (020506)
PC64 1.22  

Wolfgang Lorenz

English version of PC64Dos 1.22, last version released by Wolfgang Lorenz. No shareware restrictions. (960426)
PC64Win 2.14  

Wolfgang Lorenz

Personal C64 v2.14 for Windows 95/NT/3.1. (960729)
Frodo 4.1 for Win32 * Christian Bauer Frodo V4.1 is a free, portable C64 emulator for BeOS, Unix, MacOS, AmigaOS, RiscOS and WinNT/95 systems. (980120)
Hoxs64 * David Horrocks Hoxs64 is a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows with DirectX7 or higher. (100525)
Win64 beta 0.40 * Ralph Mason A windows based emulator, showing the emulator as a window rather than full screens. Improved over the old version, but the really new one is not for show - it's for purchase!
C64Alive 1.00  

Frank Littmann


C64 Alive' is a complete and partially improved simulation of the real Commodore C64 computer(950910)
ALE C64 1.12
ALE C64 1.12h

Lutz Sammer
Andreas Arens

A C64 emulator with Versions for MS-DOS and LINUX. Written in C (960602)

CBM 64 A2 * Paul Toth Another PC based C64 emulator, all written in assembler if my french serves me correct.

Johannes Kieh

A very rudimentary emulator (910814)

Disk readers

The Star Commander 0.83 * Joe Forster/STA The ultimate DOS shell that handles the image files of C64S, CCS64 and PC64, the best C64 emulators for DOS, converts several archive file formats and copies files and disks from and to an external Commodore 1541/1571 drive in turbo mode.

The Star Commander is a user-friendly gift ware program with many configuration options, online help, fast execution and is very similar to The Norton Commander. (100111)

CBMXFER 0.25 beta * Steve Gray

CBMXfer is a GUI, or Front-End, to several command-line utilities. CBMXfer makes using those utilities easy by providing a familiar windows interface that removes the need to learn the commandline syntax of each program. These commandline utilities are:

  • CBM4WIN - transfers files/images to/from a real CBM drive connected via an 'X-cable' on the parallel port.
  • CBMLINK - transfers files/images to/from a real CBM drive connected to a real CBM computer connected to the PC via a serial cable.
  • C1541 - a utility from VICE that works with CBM Image Files (ie: D64/D81 files).
OmniFlop 22d * Sherlock Consulting Limited OmniFlop is a ‘universal’ floppy disk reader, writer, and tester for the IBM PC or compatible which can handle alien floppy disk formats not normally supported by DOS, Windows and Linux. Supported formats include 1581.
Fdrawcmd.sys * Simon Owen Fdrawcmd.sys is a floppy filter driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. In combination with 1581 disk you can readd 1581 disks.
mnib 35 * Markus Brenner mnib is a disk transfer program designed for copying even copy protected original disks into the G64 and D64 disk image formats. These disk images may be used on C64 emulators like VICE or CCS64. (030124)
Trans64 1.25 + sources   Bernhard Schwall Trans64 is a program to transfer files between the PC and a C64 floppy drive. Cable used is the X1541 or the Disk64E. (960322)
Read81s 1.2   Michael Gross READ81s V1.2 shareware disk reader for 3.5" C64 disks (1581 format) on normal PC drives.(960520)
1581 Copy 0.54 * Wolfgang Moser CBM 3,5" MFM disk copy for IBM-PC floppy drives This util is able to im- and export the contents of well known 3,5" CBM disks into disk image files with a PC based floppy disc controller under DOS. All sources are included (GNU PL). (010212)
Disk64 1.0   Alfred Schwall Gives access to a C64 floppy connected with a simple interface to a printer port of a PC, using it's own cable format. Full 1541 disks as well as files from 1541/71/81 (940227)
X1541 1.0   Leopoldo Ghielmetti IBM <--> C64 file reader. Used what was then it's own cable, which has now grown into the de facto standard cable commonly referred to as "the X1541 cable". (930519)


Over 5 V0.711 * Martin Sikström (port) and Daniel Kahlin (author) Over5 is a c64/vic20 < - > Amiga/Pc/Unix-box transferring program. It supports serial transfer at 38400 bps using only a RS-232 level converter (like the VIC-1011A RS232C or the Handic V24 interface) and a 3-line standard nullmodem cable. NO special serialport chips needed!
cbmLink 0.9.8 * Marko Mäkelä A data transfer system between Commodore 8-bit computers and an Amiga (AmigaDOS) or a PC clone (Linux, MS-DOS). Supports the cables X1541, PC64, 64NET and Prkink. (960521)
C64 connect 0.99   Ville Muikkula

C64-Connect is the fastest and most convenient way to transfer C64 (one file) programs between PC and C64. Uses it's own cable format. (950808)

The author warns you that this program easily get's out of sync on faster computers. The problems will not be fixed, and he suggests you go for his new program 1541EMU.

X-Link 0.1b   Piotr Tracz A porting program using a PC64 compatible cable for direct connection with CBM64, specially designed to be used in conjunction with the 6502TASS (980317)
Clink 0.98 * Levente Hársfalvi A filetransfer-system, which allows you to send files from PC to a C-64 and Plus/4/C-16/C-116, also supports X1541, Disk64E and parallel cables. Intended for porting cross assembled code. (000124)
C642C64s   DADA/TSI fixed by
Leif Engman
1541 file handle & full disk copier. Archive including a speed patch by Leif Engman. (931011/931119)


Opencbm 0.4.2 *

Michael Klein
Spiro Trikaliotis
Wolfgang Moser

A kernel device driver for the serial CBM bus (C64, VIC-20, etc.) for Linux and Windows. opencbm is a re-join of the two projects cbm4linux (latest standalone version: 0.3.2) and cbm4win (latest standalone version: 0.1.0a). It should be noted that both projects were highly related from the beginning, as cbm4win 0.1.0 was based on cbm4linux 0.3.2.

Opencbm should work with any devices that understand the "normal" talk and listen commands of the CBM IEC bus. It has been tested with several 1541, 1541-II, 1571 and 1581 drives, and a MPS-1200 pritnter. 1541 clones like the Oceanic OC-118 have also been reported to work.

1541 EMU 020721 * Ville Muikkula With this software you can use your PC computer as a disk drive for those 8-bit Commodore home computers that are equipped with serial bus (this includes for example C-64, C-128, VIC-20, Plus/4 and C-16). Instead of recognizing just the stock serial bus protocol and some of the drive commands, 1541EMU completely emulates the internal hardware of the Commodore 1541 disk drive. This means that even fastloaders are supported. WAY kewl! (020721)
C64HDD 0.7a5 * Nicholas Coplin Use the PC as a diskdrive to the C64. Still has some way to go as the JiffyDOS speeder won't work etectera, but migt be the best pick of the category anyway!
64NET/2 beta * Paul Gardner-Stephen Second generation of 64Net - Newest version has RRnet support. (071207)
64Lan 0.965   Mathieu van Geffen C64 <-> PC file transfer "The best way to play and archive. All you C64 files". Uses it's own cable (950216)
Server64   Yvo Nelemans It can LOAD a file and directory. Also the SAVE part works again. Transparent support for .D64 and T64 files. (960301)
VC 1541 v0.04pl6 * Torsten Paul This program is intended to emulate the serial protocol that is used for the communication between a Commodore 64 computer and a VC 1541 Disk Drive. That means you can transfer data to and from the C64 without a special program on the C64.

Saving files is only partially supported (on .D64 images and the DOS file system) and may not work as expected in any case. Nothing of the hardware is emulated by this program. Because of this it's not possible to support any type of fastloader. Although direct disk access could be emulated, it is not implemented.(981026)

File convert - Multiple

64Copy 4.43 * Peter Schepers

A C64 archive file converter, modelled after Norton Commander 3.0, which handles all the common formats (T64, D64, X64, P/S/R/U00, LNX, Zipcode, Binary to name a few - noone support more of them nor does it better!) and converts between them.
There's more to it than that - disassembler, editors for text, hex and disk sectors. It's simply GREAT! (091210)

Star Utilities 0.83 * Joe Forster/STA These fast and user-friendly freeware utilities create, list and extract many Commodore archive formats. They are all external programs of The Star Commander. (100111)
Mole64 1.01 beta   Dale Robinson Mole 64 is a COMMODORE 64 file conversion Utility for use on a windows based PC. Currently it converts the following formats: D64 into RAW format (".prg", ".seq" etc) T64 into RAW format (".prg") But, hopefully it'll support the complete suit of file formats that exist currently.
CBM Convert 2.0.4   Marko Mäkelä

There are many archiving programs for the Commodore 64, all of which are incompatible with archiving programs on other systems. This cbmconvert utility tries to address this problem. It extracts files from most known file formats and writes them to several different formats, including some formats used by some Commodore 64 emulators. (980227)

Includes the program CBMConvert, Zip2Disk and Disk2Zip

TargetD64 0.33 * Karlheinz Langguth

TargetD64 picks the c64 files you fetched from the net and converts them to a D64, which is passed to the emulator. Supported archive formats are zip, gz, lha, lnx, [1-4]!, d64, t64, p00 and x64. If a file can not be matched to one of these formats it is treated as a raw C64 (PRG) file.
TargetD64 is a "Drag & Drop" capable command line tool. All mentioned archive formats are built in. Source code is available as well under the GPL terms.

ARKLNX * Peter Weighill ARKLNX is a DOS based program which can be used to create information about .ARK and .LNX files containing sidplayer .MUS music files and their associated .STR, .WDS & .PIC files.
FV CBM 3.0 * Daniel Fandrich Fvcbm ver. 3.0 displays Commodore 64/128 archive, self-dissolving archive and disk image directories. This can be especially useful in combination with a Commodore 64 emulator. Supported archive formats are ARC230 (ARC), self-extracting ARC230 (SDA), Lynx, CS-DOS (LZH), self-extracting CS-DOS (SFX), PC64 emulator files (R/S/U/P00), LBR, 64Net files (N64), emulator tape images (T64) and disk images (D64 and X64).
List64 0.67   Stefan Weber C64 file image viewer,lists the contents of D64,X64,T64,Lynx,Arkive,PC64,Net64,Lbr,Zipcode File/4/5. (970515)
CCU   Jason Ellingson The Commodore Conversion Utility is a simple to use program that converts between Zipcode and .d64 formats in a point and click environment. The zip file includes the full source code (in Delphi pascal) and a tutoral on how file conversion works.

File convert - Tape

Tape64_Win32 1.12   Andreas Matthies Tape64 (formerly called "Wav2Tap") helps you to reuse your old tapes recorded with the C2N (Datasette) of Commodore and full of programs for the C64. Sample the tape contents with any sample program, and then let Tape64 work on the samplefile. It can create TAP files (for CCS64) and also extract PRG files if the tape contained standard C64 loderfiles or TurboTape. More formats are to come!
Final TAP 2.76 (including a Windows front end) * SJ Wilson The majority of software for the Commodore 64 was originally released on cassette tape and the TAP file format together with certain tools available elsewhere has allowed enthusiasts to make copies of their original tapes in a digitally encoded analogue form, the one slight drawback with the format however is that the analogues tapes when converted to digital form tend to be rather noisy and can contain many flaws, this can be due to age, stretching etc. and there are always small deviations from the 'ideal' pulsewidths that tapes can contain, even though most software loader programs only require 2 or 3 pulse 'types', I have found unprocessed tapes with over 250 variations.

This tool will attempt to discover the loaders/formats being used on a tape and if succesful can purify to the optimum values the signal on all files on the tape where a known format is being used.

WAV-PRG 3.3 * Fabrizio Gennari WAV-PRG is a program which can transfer files from C64 tapes to PC, and from PC to a C64 tape. You just need a simple audio cable (no complicated cables to build) and a tape player-recorder. It features plug-ins for different loaders - check the page for the ones available as well as tutorials for writing your own ones. (010428)
AudioTap 1.3 * Fabrizio Gennari Audiotap is a program for conversion between .TAP files and Commodore 64 tapes. Audiotap can read/write WAV files containing the sampled sound of a tape, and can also record tapes from the sound card and play sound to the sound card.
TurboTapeLoader 1.3   Sami Silaste Turbo Tape Loader is an MS-DOS (with support for long filenames) utility that allows you to extract files saved with Commodore 64 Turbo Tape (alias Turbo 250, Mr Z Turbo, Turbo 50000). Turbo Tape Loader works without any cables, you just sample you tapes with your sound card and TTL can extract the files from the resulting .WAV files.
cbmtt 1.01 * Richard Storer This MS-DOS program converts Commodore tapes to PC and back.
ptap 0.36 * Markus Brenner MS-DOS tool for playing back TAP files to real tapes for use with an actual Commodore 64 machine. Requires the C64S tape adapter. *NEW* Supports TAPSERV and also works for C16/Plus4 TAPs now (no halfwaves yet). (020215)
mtap 0.36 * Markus Brenner MS-DOS tool for creating real tape files (.TAP files) from original C64, VIC-20 and C16 tapes using the Commodore Datasette. Requires you to either connect your C64 with Datassette to the PC using an X(E)1541 cable or directly connect the Datassette to the C64S tape interface. *NEW* You can also use a C16/C116/Plus4-style 1531 (black) datassette using the x1531 tape connector. (010923)
64Utils 0.03b   Tomaz Kac TAP <-> VOC Converters & Play TAP v0.03b by Tomaz Kac. Converts CCS64 .TAP tape image files to and from .VOC format. (980726)
Wireless * <Unknown> Wireless Copy transfers 1541 disks between a C64/C128 and a PC running Windows 95 or 98. The medium is not a cable, but a datassette tape. No cables between the C64 and the PC are required, just a sound card on the PC. Wireless Copy comes with full source code in Turbo Pascal 7.0.
ttape 010 * Andreas Jung Turbo Tape for C64, plus/4 or C16 (presumably for PAL models) and for PC compatibles running MS-DOS, with the datassette connected to the parallel port.

File convert - Text

TOK64 1.4
(Included in VICE)
* Cris Berneburg Converts ASCII text file representations of Commodore basic program listings into program images suitable to run on a C64. Also converts basic programs into ASCII listings. (960615)
PetCat 2.01   Jouko Valta Converts input files from the most common CBM file formats into printable ASCII form and writes to standard output. (960508)
CBM-IBM * Peter Weighill Converting text PETSCII<->ASCII, plus guide on how to convert C64 basic - > QBasic (930701)
cbm2asc 1.1 * Reed D. Meyer A Commodore ASCII to standard ASCII converter (990128)

File convert - Disk

D64 Editor 0.028 * Forrest Mook A Windows 95/98/NT based D64 editing program. (020107)
s2g 0.14 * Markus Brenner s2g converts Zipcode Collection 2.0 type 'sixpacked' archives into C64 emulator related .G64 disk images. Source included. (000803)
D64 Lister 1.6.3 * Lars

The D64Lister is a Windows 95/98 (WinNT, Win2000, WinXP and Vista) application for listing and saving the context of *.d64 images with full PETSCII -> ASCII conversion and full GEOS support. GEOS files are shown with their info block in a separate list and there you can view and save fonts, GeoPaint pictures, Photoscraps, Photoalbums and GeoWrite texts. This list can be exported for archiving your images. The D64Lister uses an extended recursive OpenDialog for finding images, so even directories can be listed. (080616)

ZIP2d64 1.1   Volker Beck Program to convert a set of Zipcoded disk files into a .D64 image. Full TP source code included. (931124)
D64 Pro 0.1.22 * Robert Crossfield D64-Pro is an easy-to-use, graphical D64 Manipulation Tool.
c64manip   Guido Schulz *2 Executables and C++ sources to manipulate T64 files. (940901)
Copy2d64   Norman Yen Copies files from PC into the D64 disk image. Full TP source included. (931125)
D64reader   Dani Seelhofer Displays the contents of D64 files using the C64 font, without starting an emulator.
CTools04   Jochen Metzinger Programs for accessing C64 and C128 CP/M disk images of a C=1541 (*.D64) with the PC.Sources in pascal included (970306)
C64uti5   Werner Zsolt C64S Utilites for managing D64 images (931102)
D64Dir   Pontus Berg This 32-bit Visual Basic program (source code not included) will view view the contents of your D64 files featuring a nice GUI. It requires 32-bit Windows and the VB libraries.
DirD64   SPS Archive include two utilities which lets you view directory of a D64 and copy files to it. (940209)
GeoImage   Peter Weighill Shows all the information available on Geos files on a D64 disk image. (940728)
PCGeos0.3   Jochen Metzinger Programs for converting GEOS files and extracting them from GEOS disk images with the PC. Turbo Pascal source included. (960815)

File convert - Cart

mcart 0.62 * Markus Brenner mcart is a command line tool for generating C64 emulator cartridge files (.CRT) from standard 8, 16 or 32k cartridge ROM dumps. ROM dumps can either be in .PRG form (first two bytes are start address of ROM dump in low-high byte order) or plain data files (.ROM suffix). (000204)


C64ASM 1.1a * Toth Balint Commodore64 (6510) Assembler Package for PC. Features an extended, but still compatible, syntax of the one in TurboAssembler. (960205)
6502 Turbo Assembler 1.31 * Marek Matula 6502/65C02 assembler and linker for the PC. It's 100% compatible with C64's TASS v5.1 and the most of its further releases, containing the whole lot of useful improvements like generating the listing file, including binaries, etc.
C64prgGen 2.0.0 * Arthur Jordison Commodore 64 Program Generator (called C64prgGen from now on) allows you to type a BASIC or machine code program in using a nice Windows environment (let's face it, the C64 was a pain to use compared to today's kit) and convert it to a '.prg' file which you can run on an emulator, or even a real C64 if you're feeling brave and have the right kit. Includes
  • 6502/6510 Assembler,
  • Program import (.prg, .T64 or .D64),
  • Program export (.prg, .p00),
  • Sprite editor,
  • Character editor,
  • Binary file import/export,
  • Code snippets (often-used routines which can be pasted into code),
  • A Screen Code Builder, for using those pesky print control characters,
  • Code formatting and renumbering,
  • Comprehensive help, including tutorials,
  • Plus many others.
A6 0.4.3 * Simon Collis Cross assembler that generates object code for CBM64/128 computers. Supports all undocumented opcodes, and is geared towards Laser Genius/Turbo Assembler-style syntax. (970928)
Sadasm 1.0b * SJ Wilson This program disasembles 6502/6510 binary machine code files into mnemonic assembly language text format. Unlike most disassemblers there are several formatting options and an "autocomment" feature that will append a comment to any line that addresses a known hardware device register on a particular platform, the Commodore 64 is the only platform currently supported, but I may add others in future versions, especially if I get requests to do so.
MXASS 0.27f * Michael Steil MXASS is a Cross-Assembler for Commodore 64 and similar computers.
The assembler translates 6502, 6502 illegal, 65C02, 65816 (16-bit, Flash-8 or CMD Super-CPU) and Z80 programs, can handle macros, local labels and many other things.
ACME Crossassembler 0.90 * Marco Baye This program is a free crossassembler, released under the GNU General Public License. The current version can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors (Support for some of the 6510's illegal opcodes is planned). (011028)
6502 SDK 1.0 Beta * Valerio Gionco A full 6502 crossassembler for developing c64 assembler applications (970514)
64Net Dev.Kit 0.1   Paul Gardner-Stephens 64NET software developers kit. A very early version of a TurboAssembler environment clone for the PC using 64NET for crossassembly (960311)
CASM 1.3   Pete Gonzalez Commodore64 Cross-Assembler for the IBM PC. The syntax is very unlike normal TurboAssembler, but still powerful. (951122)
MAS65 1.0.3 * Douglas Beattie Jr Macro cross-assembler for true 6502 processors. Syntax close to TurboAssemblers. The binary link points to the EXE file, whereas the examples and documentation is on the home page. (960115)
As6502 1.30   Frank A. Vorstenbosch A portable 6502 assembler, modified (960315)
PseudoSam 65 1.00.00   PseudoCode A 6502 crossassembler; PseudoSam (Pseudo brand Symbolic Assembler) assemblers conform to a common syntax based on the UNIX system V assembler syntax (870529).
X-tools * Dave Dunfield

a package which contains cross assemblers for several popular microprocessors. (940227)

Is now missing from the homepage!

CC65 2.10.1 (Win) * Ullrich von Bassewitz This is a small environment C compiler for the 6502, but also supports a 6502 assembler development system which can be used on it's own. It supports C64, C128, +4, C16, C116 and Commodore 600/700. Works on Linux, DOS, OS/2, WindowsNT (990710)
XA 2.3.2 * Cameron Kaiser Source code for the Cross assembler 'xa' as well as example programs. Originally for the Atari. (070131)
Siddasm   Gufino A small DOS program that writes you the complete ASM code for a ..sid file in a plain text file.
Rosetta 1.7.4 * Jason "Bones" Reid GUI based disassembler for Windows
PAS64 *

Jason "Bones" Reid

6502 cross-compiler for Windows (including GUI)
WFDis Demo #2 * White Flame Early phase (?) disassembler.
DAsm 2.12.04   Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert High level macro cross assembler for 6502/68705/6803/HD6303 (extension of 6803)/68HC11.Version is a port from Matt Dillon's DAsm for the Amiga. (960120)


ConGo 5 * Matthias Matting ConGo displays and edits a range of C64 file formats and saves them to GIF, JPG, PCX, BMP, to Koala and C64-Bitmaps as well as a special 4bit-format for GoDot, the C64 image processor.
ConGo Photoshop PlugIn * Matthias Matting Didn’t you always wish you could work with Commodore images in your favourite image editor - be it PhotoShop, PaintShop or whatever? That dream has now come true, with ConGo import/export/filter plugins for all PhotoShop plugin compatible programs.
ConGo Shell Extension * Matthias Matting Shell Extension for ConGo
CommieVju * Sorex Another GFX conveter. Claims to be able to habdle more formats than any rival with the 30+ formats.
Sprite Painter 1.35   Viktor Kecskés Sprite Painter is a tool for creating and editing sprites for the C64. It has all features that are required for a comfortable work, including a Windows GUI. You can either save your sprites in Sprite Painter's own format, or export them for a Commodore 64, in its VIC chip format.
Sprite Pad 1.5 * SJ Wilson This small "cross-platform" development utility is designed to allow easy creation of Commodore 64 compatible sprite images, It will hopefully be of interest to those games programmers and designers who still want to bring fresh ideas to the immortal Commodore 64 platform but do not wish to use the dated and limited sprite editing tools available 'native' to the machine.
VicShow 2.2 * Piotr Tracz

Vicshow is a tool which allow you browse original Commodore64 graphics files using PC compatible computer working under ms-dos compatible system. Actually Vicshow seems to be the best available tool of that kind as it gives best quality, compatibility with all major graphics formats and as the only one viewer is able to mix colors in interlacing C64's modes!

Identify 1.0 * Peter Weighill IDENTIFY is a program designed to help you identify the format of any C64 Graphics files you may have. If you have no idea what the format is then let IDENTIFY have a go. If IDENTIFY finds a matching format, it will then give you the option of renaming the file so that you can then view it using the ConGo viewer.
Elitepaint 1.0 * Edvin VDK Zetterberg The first release from FairLight tools - it's a paint program for the PC which paints in C64 formats! (980610) Officially killed
Image64s   Adrian Schlama This software support conversion from: IBM PC .BMP (2, 16, 256 colours) to C64 graphic formats as follows: - Adv. ArtStudio (160x200) [.pic] - Koala Paint (160x200) [.koa] - FLI (148x200) [.fli] - Hires (320x200) [.hir] (950822)
PIC64   Volker Beck PIC64 is a programme to display C64-pictures on a PC with a VGA card. All kinds of C64-formats are supported: Hires, Multicolour, AFLI, FLI and interlaced FLI. Also different painting-programme-formats can be displayed. Finally you are able to convert the pictures to the PCX-format, known by most PC-picture- viewers.
CBMBMP1.1 * Peter Weighill Visual basic programs for windows that will convert Geopaint pictures, hi-res colour pictures and hi-res multi-colour pictures to bmp pictures. (960125)
Koala2PC * Marc Schönfeld The program is used to convert Koala-files and C64-Hires-Graphics, (which were transferred to an MS DOS-PC via the emulator or via serial cable), to PC-style PCX-images.
Tga2Geos   Paul Galbraith Program that was designed to work in conjunction with PICLAB (and possibly GRAPHIC WORKSHOP) to provide a quick and simple way to convert images from Targa to Commodore geoPaint format.(960107)
C64GFX 1.4   Pasi 'Albert' Ojala Converts portable pixmap (ppm) files to C64 graphics formats (FLI and koala, and two 'new' formats, Flash FLI and BigFLI) and back. All executables are for the Amiga, but it includes ANSI-C source codes. (960114)
BigVic 2 * Digital Excess A graphics converter that converts PC pictures to the C64 formats available, including FLI, IFLI, Koala Painter, Art Studio Hi Res and so on.
artbmp 1.01b   Alex The ARTBMP is a viewing/converting tool designed for handling the Commodore C64 multicolor graphics on PC. With ARTBMP you can: 1. View c64 gfx (MPIC format) on PC. 2. Convert 320x200x256 .BMP to MPIC and save it in c64 format. 3. Convert 320x200x256 .BMP to MPIC in special grayscale mode (will be explained...) and save it in c64 format. (950130)
Cuneiform 0.33 Beta * A C64 Charset Editor for Win32
XRay64 0.1 beta 3 * Jakub 'Prezes' Wozniakowski XRay64 is a freeware Win32 tool designed for converting images from PC to Commodore 64 format.
C64Demo * Note: Error in archive on Funet!


JITT64 * Ice00 Java based SID music editor.


* Adam Lorentzon SidPlay for Windows - Music player and SID Chip emulator.Now supports the HardSID and the reSid engine is also included in the same pack.(050602)
SidAmp * Grant Davies and Nick Kovac WinAmp already supports MPEG, MIDI, and WAVE audio. Now you can play Commodore 64 SID tunes in WinAmp as well! (990616)
LittleSID 2.0 * Laurent Ovaert Another WinAMP plugin!
SidPlug 1.2.11 A Browser PlugIn to enable playing of Sid-files directly from home pages!
VacSid 1.59 Oliver Blasnik Another C64-SidFile-player from DOS (970301)
El_SID 0.7+   Jaromir Król A little program to show info on PSID music files, and change the default song number. (Formerly Known As SIDCHAN!)
MusPlay 1.0   Peter Weighill MUSPlay is a program designed to work in conjunction with SIDPLAY/Windows. SIDPLAY/Windows can play Enhanced Sidplayer (.MUS) files, but it is not very good at displaying the 5 lines information stored within the music file. MUSPlay has been designed to overcome this. If you open a MUS file with MUSPlay then it will display the music information and start SIDPLAY/W. It will also display a Words file (.WDS) if one exists.
Prg2SID * Raphael "Quazz" Meyer Prg2SID takes a file, made with a C64 tracker and creates a new file playable with sid play.


BaccTracker 2.0 * Pontus "Bacchus" Berg Enables you to make a database of your C64 collection. It currently handles c64 programs in D64 and Lynx format. The idea is somewhat based of the foundation the native C64 program EasyCatalog, where you build up a database of your disks by picking the contents of directories and from selecting and deselecting the entries.
GameBase 3 * James Burrows A seriously kewl database for the c64 games we all love. It can also act as a front end for the emulators and SID players you like!


C64 JokEmulator 5.0 * Jaromir Król "Emulates" C64 Basic, but instead of actual reactions to its commands, answers with little jokes and funny comments.(980505)
Quick 1.0 * James Burrows A shell extension for fast access to running programs in the emulators under Windows.
PCrunch (Win) & PCrunch (DOS) * Pasi 'Albert' Ojala Pcrunch is a Hybrid LZ77 and RLE compressor, uses an Elias Gamma Code for lengths, mixture of Gamma Code and linear for LZ77 offset, and ranked RLE bytes indexed by the same Gamma Code.