The C64 tool list

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This list is maintained by Swoffa of Noice



VICE 1.14 (OSX) *    
Power64 3 * Roland Lieger A truly impressive emulator. The support around the core emulator does most things one could possibly ask for; Single-cycle emulation, REU-emulation, great soundsupport, gamecheating options, separate windows for diskdirectories with drag&drop filecopying and fileinfo-editing, mounting of folders as harddisks and much more.
News inversion 2.7: display of current keyboard layout, support for GZ compressed disks.
Versions in german, spanish and french plus a Vic20 emulator is also availible on the homepage. (00-03-08)
Mac64 0.4   Earle Philhower


Mac64 was one of the first C64 emulators for Macintosh. The graphics support is pretty mediocre and there is no sound. Mac64 has been outclassed by other emulators by now, but it is still an interesting toy.
File contains both 68k and PPC version.
VICE 2.3 (PPC) * Arthur Choung


A port of a portable emulator.
Sourcecode availible here.
VICE 2.3 (680x0) * Keith Miller


A port of a portable emulator.
Frodo/MacOS 4.1.9 * Richard Bannister

Probably the most solid C64 emulator for the Macintosh. Great soundsupport, single cycle mode, REU-emualtion, built-in turboload, smooth videomode and much more. (00-02-01)


SidPlay 2.5 * Andreas Varga A player for C64 SID-files. Also check out the homepage refered to for something called SidPlug.
Changes in version 2.5 includes; improved reSID compatibility, SIDStation support, ability to play songs over the net, appearence-changes and various bugfixes. (00-05-20)
SidPlug 1.0b2 * Andreas Varga A Browser PlugIn to enable playing of Sid-files directly from homepages!
SidLib 1.1 * Andreas Varga If you are a programmer, and want to use C64 music in your own application, you don't need to use samples any longer, because here is SIDLib
reSID 0.8/4 *   reSID is a high precision emulator for the C64 Sound Chip (MOS 6581 SID (Sound Interface Device)), that can be used instead of Power64's built in SID emulation. It offers higher accuracy of sound emulation, but requires a fast (> 200MHz) Macintosh to run. Sourcecode included. (00-03-08)