The C64 tool list

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This list is maintained by Bacchus of FairLight



Vice/2 1.19 * Thomas Bretz Portable C64 emulator including C sources (040829).


CC65 2.5 * Ullrich von Bassewitz This is a small environment C compiler for the 6502, but also supports a 6502 assembler development system which can be used on it's own. It supports C64, C128, +4, C16, C116 and Commodore 600/700. Works on Linux, DOS, OS/2, WindowsNT (990320)
ACME Crossassembler 0.5 * Marco Baye This program is a free crossassembler, released under the GNU General Public License. The current version can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors (Support for some of the 6510's illegal opcodes is planned).


SidPlay Alpha 0.9.18 * Peter Conklin SidPlay - now also available for OS/2 (980326)
SidPlay OS/2 * Thomas A. K. Kjr SidPlay OS/2 is based on sidplay v1.32.2 and requires OS/2 3.x/4.x with Dart and the emx run-time stuff, found as on varius ftp sites. The emx run-time should be at least v0.9c+fix 2.(980206)