The C64 tool list

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This list is maintained by Bacchus of FairLight


The scope of the list is to spot and list ALL Commodore64 related programs on another platform. This rules out native C64 programs, but covers crossassembler from BeOS, gfx viewers on the Mac, 1541 filesystems on Linux and emulators on the PC to name a limited sumbset. Scroll up to see the supported platforms, and press the one you're interested in.


First column : Category!
I used to be selective on what tools to include, but not any more.

Second column : Program names and revision number.
The program names are clickable, and the link behind goes directly to a site specified by the author or in the documentation. TheAmigafiles the references are mainly for AmiNet, which is mirrored on several places. I have selected "" for you, but the directory references are the same for all mirrors - but mind that all files are not on all mirrors!

Third column : Homepage
An asterisk ("*") markes the existance of a homepage covering the program. If you have clicked on the file and got an error, try this, as it might be that there is a new version out and my filereference goes to the old - replaced - one.

Fourth column: Coder
Here you find a list of names to the coders. Behind the name hides an E-mail addresslink to the person mentioned. This is good for bugreports and suggestions, which is something you should use to improve the tools you like and use!

Fifth column: Comment
This is the column I'm using for comments, as I was nagged on in the latest issue of Commodore Hacking for lacking them ;-) The comments are cut from documentations or homepages and so on, and then a bit fixed by me. I also tried adding a date for how old the file is in YYMMDD format (which is the one we use in Sweden - like it or not ;-)