The C64 tool list

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This list is maintained by Sam Kielek



The A64 Package 3.01d Cliff Dugan - Questronix The first C64 emulator for Amiga ever (940615?)
Frodo 4.1 * Chistian Bauer Multitasking, portable C64 emulator including C sources (970128). Note that you should consider using Frodo 2.4 on slower Amigas. Get it through the homepage!
MagiC64 1.81 + Swedish fix * Michael Kramer C64 emulator for the Amiga (960704)
AXF-64 A31 Børge Nøst Requires a 68020 or higher. (950628)
C64Emulator Eddy Carroll An emulator of the C64's colour, cursor and screen editing (970623)
SYS Michael Bauer A new, very small part of a C64 emulator. Calling SYS with the parameter 64738 performs a reset :-) (940502)

File Transfer between C64 and other machines

C64Amiga Peter Weighill Programs to transfer files C64 <-> Amiga and convert text, graphics and font files.(940126)
C64 Trans Timo Rossi Transfers files from Amiga to C64 and vice versa using the parallel port (900204)
D64 Trans * "Odysseus" Transfers files and D64:s from Amiga to C64 and vice versa using the parallel port - includes C64 trans. (950816)
Emul1541 1.1 Philippe Deprugney Use your Amiga as a c64 drive (951126)
Over5 0.711, other link * Daniel Kahlin Amiga<->64 38k4 ser, no hardware. Source included (960512)
PData 3.52 /Xdata 0.99 Timo Rönkkö A utility for transfering binaries and textfiles between the C64 and Amiga.(950203)
PrLink 0.9.5b * Marko Mäkelä and Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert A data transfer system between Commodore 8-bit computers and an Amiga (AmigaDOS) or a PC clone (Linux, MS-DOS). Supports the cables X1541, PC64, 64NET and Prkink. (960609)
TransNib 1.00 Matt Francis Fast C64<->Amiga transfer utility (931108)
Xfer64 * Adrian Gonzales Fast file transfer program for Amiga->c64 (Parallel port->User port) (950831)

File systems and disk readers for foreign systems

1541 Dan Babcock 1541 Disk Reader (and related utilities) using the A1020 drive (940617)
C1581 filehandler 1.3 * Pasi 'Albert' Ojala A C1581 disk handler for Amiga 3.5" drives. (971223)
Copy1581 Kerry Gray Read and copy the contents of a disk written with a CBM 1581 disk drive, using the Amigadrive (960108). There are, according to Marko Mäkelä's notes on Funet, more than one version of this program around (although the packs are named the same). This is linked to what has been promised, a working one!
Easy1541 1.3 * Fabrizio Farenga Easy1541 is designed to provide EASY access to the Commodore 1541 drive (and compatibles) to manage old 5.25" disks formatted using standard CBM DOS 2.6 filesystem (961217).
FS1541 1.3 * Michael Krause FS1541 is a full-blown AmigaDOS file system, which processes the CBM 1541 disk format. For processing disks directly, you need the Catweasel floppydisk controller and a 5.25 inch drive, without it you have to get fmsdisk.device from Aminet or somewhere, which lets you operate on d64 disk image files. Includes full source code in C. (970716)
IEC Frank Paries Lets you use your Commodore floppy 1541 with an Amiga. Needs a cable between the parallel port and floppy, description included.

Converting the various C64 disk/file images

Arc64 1.3 John Selck (Graham/Oxyron) It is capable to extract files from .lnx, .d64, .t64, .ark, .p00 and ZipCode archives. It can also convert between ZipCode and D64. (970417)
D64 Holger Schemel A program to convert C64 programs from datasette using TurboTape64 to Amiga file format (930227)
D64-zipcode Christer Bjarnemo Amiga compilation of sources to convert ZIP-code/D64 (960123)
Magica64 1.1 Manuel Martin-Vivaldi Convert Commodore 64 and A64 files to use them with the MagiC64 emulator.
MakeP00  1.0 Mat Bettinson An ARexx script that turns C64 binaries into P00 files for use in MagiC64 (951103)
UNd64 38.13 * Jess Sosnoski This program is designed to list/test or extract from the following C-64 type archives .d64 Diskimages (174848 and 175531-byte varieties), .x64 Unix C-64 1541/1570 35-track diskimages, .t64 Tapeimages, .p00 Program images, .lnx C-64 LyNX archives (ALL versions, both punter and xmodem types), .lbr C-64 Library Archives, .sfx C-64 self-extracting archives (converts conveniently to lzh/lha), 1!zipcode RLE-compressed split diskimages. (970225)
UnT 1.2 Extracts c64 files from a T64 file. (950216)
UnT64 v1.0 Alan Ingleby Converts T64 files to C64 executables - probably only T64's containing ONE file! (950201)


J-net 0.91 Juha Kouri Transfers files easily between C64 and Amiga. You can move files with LOAD and SAVE commands using device 7 on C64. Includes new JCOPY program to copy files between C64 and Amiga. (960321)
Run64 1.21 Espen Skog Transfers a single C64file from the Amiga to the C64 and executes it on the C64. Uses a parallell-cable for the transfer. (970420)
Simdisk Eelko de Vos Program that lets the Amiga work as a 1541 diskdrive (950421)


A6 0.4.3 * Simon Collis Cross assembler that generates object code for CBM64/128 computers. Supports all undocumented opcodes, and is geared towards Laser Genius/Turbo Assembler-style syntax. (970928)
XA 2.1.4f * André Fachat Source code for the Cross assembler 'xa' as well as example programms. Originally for the Atari. (970911)
Dis6502 Morten Eriksen Disassembler for the 6502-processor family (931102)
ACME Crossassembler 0.5 * Marco Baye This program is a free crossassembler, released under the GNU General Public License. The current version can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors (Support for some of the 6510's illegal opcodes is planned).
Xass1.0 Christian Krenner C64 Crossassembler (941018)
As6502 1.60 Marko Mäkelä A portable 6502 assembler, modified into CBM style by Marko - no binaries though! (941115)
Dasm 2.02 Matthew Dillon High level macro cross assembler for 6502/68705/6803/HD6303 (891206)
Frankenstein Rüdiger Deppe Frankenstein is an archive of 13 assemblers. The following target families are available: 1805, 2650, 6301, 6502, 6805, 6809, 6811, tms7000, 8048, 8051, 8096, z8, z80 (961012)
Gass1.10 Kajetan Hinner A 6510 assembler. Part of the Amiga-C64 Varus Network (c) ParSec. (930419)


ShowVIC 3.06 Matt Francis Converts and displays Commodore 64 picture files. A number of different formats are supported, which ShowVIC will automatically identify and convert. (930828)
C64GFX 1.4 * Pasi 'Albert' Ojala Converts portable pixmap (ppm) files to C64 graphics formats (FLI and koala, and two 'new' formats, Flash FLI and BigFLI) and back. Includes ANSI-C source codes. (950222)
VicVision 1.04 Kevin Picone Converts Koala Paint, Advanced Art Studio, Blazing Paddles, Doodle, FLI, AFLI, the extremely rare CFLI format, fonts in raw data (8*8,8*16 & 16*16), Raw sprite data (Expanded X/Y), Centauri Logo Editor, Image System and Artist 64. (970708)
CBA 1.07 Rob Wilson Conversion util for C=64/128 bitmaps/spr. Written in AMOS.
Koala Painterconverter 1.2 Lars Malmborg DTKoala - Convert a (datatype) picture to Koala painter format.
Koala Painter datatype Lars Malmborg A koala painter datatype.
IFF2Koala Blacky Stardust Convert an iff-pic to c64-koala


PlaySID 3.0 Per Håkan Sundell and Ron Birk Uses the playsid.library to emulate the SID and 6510 chip. (940830)
DeliSID Peter Kunath PlaySID player module for DeliTracker. (940830)
PcSID2PlaySID László Török Converts PcSID data to PlaySID format.
Clips Dave Dustin CLI based player for PlaySID 3.0 songfiles.
Sid2Midi Jean-Francois Giorgi Converts SID songs to standard MIDI files.