The C64 tool list

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This list is maintained by David M. Williams



CCS64 * Marko Mäkelä This is a free Unix/X11 port created by Marko Mäkelä. The user interface is covered by the GNU Library General Public License, but source code for the emulator engine itself is not available. The emulator uses a cycle-based model, and because it is event-driven, it is considerably faster than FrodoSC and usable even on low-end Pentiums.
Frodo 4.1a * Chistian Bauer Portable C64 emulator including C sources (970128).
ComeBack 64 * Domenico Dato After the DOS, Windows, Java and Windows CE port, CB64 has now been ported to the Unix/Linux platform. This new port was made by Domenico Dato. He would like to thank Marat Fayzullin for the EMULib library used in the Unix port of CB64. Alpha 1 released! The source and binaries for the Alpha 1 version of CB64/Unix can be downloaded from this site. (FreeBSD, ELF, a.out).
Vice 1.13 * Ettore Perazzoli Portable C64 emulator including C sources (980901).
AleC64   Andreas Arens, Lutz Sammer and Edgar Törnig (960602)

File Transfer between C64 and other machines

Over 5 V0.711 * Andreas Andersson (port) and Daniel Kahlin (author) Over5 is a c64/vic20 < - > Amiga/Pc/Unix-box transferring program. It supports serial transfer at 38400 bps using only a RS-232 level converter (like the VIC-1011A RS232C or the Handic V24 interface) and a 3-line standard nullmodem cable. NO special serialport chips needed!
PRLink 0.9.9 * Marko Mäkelä Multi-purpose transfer system for PET,Vic20,C64,C128 <-> Linux,MS-DOS,Amiga. Transfers and starts Vic-20 cartridges and C= program files. Copies files and whole disks (on any drive, using standard routines). Source distribution with makefiles for GCC (Linux and AmigaDOS) and MS C 8.0 (MS-DOS).

File systems and disk readers for foreign systems

disk2d64 * Michael Steil disk2d64 is a tool running on GNU/Linux that makes it possible to transfer Commdore 64 (1541) disk images to the PC. The copy process of one disk side takes just 50 seconds. (990905)
CBM FileSystem Alpha 3 * Dan Fandrich Commodore 1581 " 1541 read-only filesystem driver, installed as a kernel module. Allows mounting Commodore 1581 disks in a standard 3.5" floppy drive and 1541 disk images copied to any floppy disk. PETSCII to ASCII conversion can be automatically performed. Partitions on 1581 disks are accessed as subdirectories.

Converting the various C64 disk/file images

PetCat 1.9   Jouko Valta Converts input files from the most common CBM file formats into printable ASCII form and writes to standard output. (960508)
TargetD64 0.3 * Karlheinz Langguth

TargetD64 picks the c64 files you fetched from the net and converts them to a D64, which is passed to the emulator. Supported archive formats are zip, gz, lha, lnx, [1-4]!, d64, t64, p00 and x64. If a file can not be matched to one of these formats it is treated as a raw C64 (PRG) file.
TargetD64 is a "Drag & Drop" capable command line tool. All mentioned archive formats are built in. Source code is available as well under the GPL terms.

WAV-PRG 1.2 * Fabrizio Gennari WAV-PRG is a program which can transfer files from C64 tapes to PC, and from PC to a C64 tape. You just need a simple audio cable (no complicated cables to build) and a tape player-recorder.
Tape64   Andreas Matthies Converts 16-bit audio samples to the TAP format used by CCS64 and VICE. No source code included. The binary seems to be in Linux i386 ELF, and it requires GNU libc 2.



A6 0.4.4 * Simon Collis Cross assembler that generates object code for CBM64/128 computers. Supports all undocumented opcodes, and is geared towards Laser Genius/Turbo Assembler-style syntax. (970928)
XA 2.1.4f * André Fachat Source code for the Cross assembler 'xa' as well as example programms. Originally for the Atari. (970911)
D65 0.2.0   Marko Mäkelä A 65xx disassembler written in C. Compiles under various Unix systems. Recursive scanning algorithm, detects data blocks very reliable and has a load of command line options.
As64 1.60   Marko Mäkelä A 65xx disassembler written in C. Compiles under various Unix systems. Recursive scanning algorithm, detects data blocks very reliable and has a load of command line options.
DAsm 2.12.04   Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert The old crossassembler for the Amiga, also available for Unix... (950819)
CC65 2.5.0 * Ullrich von Bassewitz This is a small environment C compiler for the 6502, but also supports a 6502 assembler development system which can be used on it's own. It supports C64, C128, +4, C16, C116 and Commodore 600/700. Works on Linux, DOS, OS/2, WindowsNT (990320)
ACME Crossassembler 0.5 * Marco Baye This program is a free crossassembler, released under the GNU General Public License. The current version can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors (Support for some of the 6510's illegal opcodes is planned).
ReComment 4.07a * André Fachat Recomment is a small 6502 disassembler utility originally written by Jouko Valta in 1994. In 1998 A. Fachat introduced some patches to nice the output, improve table detection and more. Can for example also output HTML.


gfx64   Ludovic Estorg A small tool under linux, to view and save C64 graphic files (from D64 disk images). Amica/Koala/Art studio/Ham/Fli/Afli/Hfli to gif. Command line tool, display under X, source, executable and example file included.


SidPlay * Several for different parts - see the homepage SidPlay for Unix - Music player and SID Chip emulator