TurboAssembler - by Omikron

Which Turbo Assembler

The name in question refers to the Omikron C64 based assembler, and not Borland's fine product for the PC with the same name. If you are interested in the latter, then be warned that you'll not find what you seek, I'm afraid!PrefaceA very long time ago, after the release of XMem Ass I've had a lot of queries about the features of it. I found that A LOT of the users, and even the kewlest ones, knew very few of the vast range of features the original TurboAssembler can bring. That's why I decided to type them in as I knew them, and at a visit for Tron we did a substantial additional work on them. A few months later, Paradroid of Sharks sent me his TurboAssembler Macro and the docs he'd written for it. What I have now done is to convert it to HTML and put it online for your enjoyment. I have made scanned through the text very briefly and modified it on some places where I felt it was necessary. So enjoy the text, and feel free to address me with your questions.RevisionsFirst, before the actual docs, one must say that there are just about as many versions and revisions of Omikron's assembler as there is coders. Some an just minor patches of the original (changing colours might seem like a major thing, but it's not ;-) but there are two original favors.

They are rather different in terms of functionality, with the macro as the by far most advanced.The originals grew and there are versions featuring cross computer assembly and also the X-mem ("XASS") based ones, but mind that they still revert back to either of the two originals.

Non REU improved

RUE improved

Working With macros

Paradroid made a little tutorial on how to work with TAM macros, which I lifted out to a special section here

Known bugs

There is a problem when you assign a label to a zeropageadress in some cases. I'll fill in more here later. This is a problem in the actual TurboAssembler and is in all versions!