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David Holz (White Flame) has some stuff on-line that is "must have", in paperback format or in files like this. Sometimes the server provides odd results. If it does, press this link

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Some nice fellows do share their code for your enjoyment, and among the more skilled coders we surely find Elysium from Poland. Take a look at what you can get from here:

Another piece is the impressive "C64 ML tutorial" pack. It contains many popular tutorials like Coder's World, Scibax, Venom, Puterman's, Cruzer's, Tnd's, Bonker's, C= hacking, Go64 and many more. You can also find here every technical document related to C= hardware and coding that you can imagine, stuff ranging from magazine articles to complete books. Musician wannabes will also be pleased to find stuff about composing music for the awsome Sid.